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People's lack of gratefulness and consideration baffles me. As does people's generally inflated sense of entitlement.
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I wonder why women are "supposed" to really like diamonds.
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I hate when I'm cashiering at work and have to bag people's stuff with about fifty plastic bags. Especially when I'm bagging fragiles and have to individually package things so that they won't break in transit.

Sorry, planet.
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People on TV/in movies rarely rinse out their mouths after brushing their teeth. What the hell?
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I should be able to view the TV Guide Network to find something to watch without having to be grossed out by Flava Flav's face. I'm just sayin'.
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I don't care what anyone says. Sometimes (a lot of the time) I think Sarah Jessica Parker is really beautiful.
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I just caught a glimpse of James McAvoy on The Daily Show. He and an ex-boyfriend of mine look scarily alike. They also have some similar mannerisms. Even my mom agrees that it's kind of freakish.
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I need to get entomologically/anthropodically educated so that I can stop killing things out of ignorance-driven fear.

Doing such makes me feel guilty/slightly sad.
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According to a poll taken in [ profile] ask_me_anything, many people browse their cellphones on the toilet.

I did not know this. Hm.
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I think I need to stop saying that "people suck" or "most people suck."

Amendment: Most of the people that I encounter suck.

There we go. Better.
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I find that when it comes to kids in commercials, I either think they're unbearably cute or I want to smack the shit out of them.

That's mean.

you lie!

May. 7th, 2008 02:34 pm
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There's this Allstate commercial that says, "Most people look at the world like nothing bad will ever happen."

I'm always like, "Excuse me...what?"

Edit: I'm always doing dumb shit like spilling red wine on my beige carpet. Pisses me off.
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I'm watching Blade 2 right now on TBS. I've seen the first one and the third one, but not the second.

Too bad dude is going to prison for three years.


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